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Many many years ago, with 5 piercings on one ear, rainbow hair and god awful braces, I too made coffee. But unlike the many horrifying decisions I was so persistent on making, this was, although at a minimum wage (Ha Ha) definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.

I would not even be exaggerating if I were to say a lot of me today is built on that two years +- I spent every single day meeting different people, some in contact till this very day.

In fact, some of my closest were the people I met and worked with. Who would have thought you’d build such a lasting relationship over overpriced fraps (making not drinking), the most non flattering green as an apron, cap hair, coffee smelling fingers and chicken toastie!

Years later, we’re still here. Together. Nothing has changed. We look exactly the same!(well…at least most of us…Damn it Chee Meng lose that awfully tight and short trousers).

Chee Meng has become one of my closest friends who has always been there for me unless the time required for him to be there is between 6 am to 8 am then good luck getting yourself out of a rut while he walks in getting angry at the entire world because he wouldn’t wake up or morning traffic is odd in that lalaland of his. (MAJOR WTF)

But other than that this little tight trousers wearing person has always had my back.

We traveled stores together, worked with new people together, even spent an Aidilfitri together working in Bangsar!

Eric……. Eric is just an oddball (I never called him that until today, he calls himself that). Such an extremist with the most complicated of emotions. Like I mean what would you do when someone cries because they are hungry? How would you tackle a large person behind a door crying because he is hungry AND does not know what to eat….even with the whole Asia Cafe in front of his face. HAH! We made up for all the naughtiest things we have done together i.e infused orange juices, 20 espresso shots that got me so high i couldnt tell the difference between RM 10 and RM 20 and hair dye sessions in the toilet..because we were so so good together. For all the tired days I’ve had, Eric has always been there for me, helping me out…no matter the shift. All of us were so good together, so much warmth so much love, it helped that we were all actually friends.

Janice, is Janice. Probably one of the more normal person there was behind the bar. Never the naughty one to initiate, always the one being called up for random shifts because she lived half a block away.

But it always made sense, there was of course so so many more of us, all of us were students, none expected to have lasted that long at RM5/ph but we had each other and…man, how do I even begin to explain.

I wish the entire two years were documented then maybe just maybe you’d be just at awe as I am at how so many different people from different walks of life with extreme differences in personalities made a generic coffee place, special. The little things made those years a definite contender for the best years of my life.

It wasn’t only special for us…. It was so it seemed special to more than just us. We became sons and daughters of regulars, friends to strangers, saviors to no sleep last night lecturers, and puke cleaners to vomiting party animals Ha Ha Ha.

So thankful I decided to walk into that then different and smaller generic coffee shop. So thankful I agreed to a 4 minute interview with Karen. So thankful for how everything just worked itself out.

So lucky.