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If by any slim chance you don’t know what Kotex is, its one of the bigger brands for sanitary pads and today thats exactly what I had to get from Guardian in KLIA 2.


Here is how it started out:

Today I sent my boyfriend to work in KLIA 2 which made me emo as it is because hey 3 days is kinda long come on and aside from that…I welcomed my period friend the yesterday and we all know how uncomfortable that time of the month can be. I was also out of sanitary pads at home and decided to just stock up as I walked by guardian towards the carpark. Bought a pack of sanitary pads and decided that a plastic bag was unnecessary and i was a bit kedekut (stingy) when paying for plastic bags so I didnt get one. (Ya the 20 cent charge is working btw)

Walked out of guardian and got told off about buying a pack of sanitary pads without getting a plastic bag to I would assume hide them…. (????)

Guy walks up to me

“Tak malu ke beli pad tunjuk macam tu? Ish.” (Arent you ashamed of buying that without getting a plastic bag?)

“Huh??? Malu apa?” (Ha? Ashamed of what?)

He looked so hostile at me…for buying god damn sanitary pads.

“Eleh malu la sikit cover la sikit.” (He was telling me I should have gotten plastic bags to keep my pads)

He sounded so rude and belittling that I actually snapped.

“Saya rasa kalau saya lempang awak lagi awak malu, so get the f off and get out of my way.” (I told him that it would be so much more embarrassing for him if i were to hit him and told him to get out of my way)

p/s: I cannot stand it when someone uses ‘eleh’ to speak to me, I find it very very belittling.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you because I never actually experienced anything quite like it and truly thought everyone knew women generally get their period every month and its nothing they should be embarrassed about L O L

Telling women getting their sanitary pads that they should hide it away (especially in such a hostile manner) is absolutely unnecessary and…. pardon my french, dumb as f.

This was my brother’s reply after I told him what happened!!

” I would have just chocked slam him and tell him God aint gonna help you know bro ” LOL (referring to the fact he was also a middle aged man wearing a kopiah (religious head gear???)

Women: Don’t ever feel the need to be embarrassed about bleeding. It’s natural and its a cycle that keeps you healthy. Anyone who tells you otherwise needs to be told off.


P/s: two weeks ago my well parked car got hit and run by another car who i would assume failed driving school but is driving anyway…. in KLIA 2!!!!! This place has such bad feng shui for me zzzzz