I always thought, take as many pictures as we can… even if the view isn’t picturesque and that was what I used to do, everywhere I went, selfies, views, something…. I always snapped something only to realise they also serve as the most vivid form of a time machine. Some pictures….

Some pictures; they do that to you. One glimpse and you are travelling back in time, you remember exactly how you felt and the thoughts you had. You relive it all, smiling the exact same way for the exact same thing, the good, or curling up as you hear shatters, the same one your heart made, the bad. Some pictures….

I scrolled through my old photos today, some going way back..6/7/8 years back. I saw pictures of my travels, I saw a test snap of my street where I lived from a go pro I just got from London…and they weren’t even clear.

But some pictures…

This picture.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 10.18.03 PM

I caught myself staring into space only to realise in my head..it was 2015 again and I was walking down the street to catch an early bus for work. It was chilly and I had cheap ballerina flats on, what was it £4..? I had my ever then so faithful leather jacket I got from a weekend market.. and I was humming to Kodaline’s Moving On.

‘…when we won’t care about all of our mistakes, our failures, and our glories’, was the exact part of the song that got me and I froze. That chilly morning was getting to my bones and I was blinking so much I might have lost a couple of eyelashes. Mistakes, failures, glories… they rang a bell of what was then a life I left behind. Missed my bus so I walked to the Caledonian Road station.. I thought I needed the walk, one where I kept my head down the entire time.


I snapped out of it.. and some pictures….that picture… got me blinking my eyes again the same way I did that chilly morning.