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I’ve always marvelled at the sight of couples who look like they’ve spent their whole lives together..still happy, still in awe at the view they wake up to every morning, still… very much in love.

I never understood how but then maybe today I did, maybe its just something as simple as appreciation. To not let a day go by for them to wonder if they’re still ‘it’ in your eyes. Maybe we misunderstand this idea of appreciation by thinking it involves lavish gifts or date night at an expensive restaurant which really isn’t…those aren’t the best kind.

We deteriorate, physically and those you love..leave them long enough and you’ll let their mind wander to places you don’t want minds to wander. They’ll wonder if you’re still as attracted to them as you were when you had to earn them and thats just it… attraction is priceless, attraction you cannot fake.

Respecting, communicating, understanding, that…you can get by with but with a life so short do we really want to spend the rest of our life waking up to someone we respect, are able to communicate with and understands us?

I always wanted that crazy about each other forever and can’t get your hands off of each other, love. I’ve always craved a love so deep the ocean would be jealous.

I remember being a teenager and I never believed that one could remain attracted and by attracted I mean pause 5 seconds when you see them walk out of the room and thank the world for the way it works and that you’ve found yourself together… remain attracted in the way where you still go damn son….

I also remember being a teenager and I marvelled at the sight of this boy… tall and slender, slightly crooked nose, lashes so thick you’d want to replicate it for a fake eyelash and a head of hair to match.

8? 9? years later, a few apart, many together… after thousands of days I still need a breather whenever I see him. Given of course on days I intend to pick a fight, the marvelling has to be low-key.

Intelligent, courteous, well spoken, kind… He was never ordinary, never just him… he was always outstanding as a person, he looked the part too especially in his uniform. I still get giddy when he fixes his hair in front of the mirror though I rush him and call him vain. I still look at clothes and think it would look so so so so so fine on this fine fine fine looking of a person. I still embarrassingly catch myself being crazily attracted oh hot damn to this person and that I think you cannot fake. I still take random pictures of and silently play this creepy hehehehehe so handsome voice in my head.

Is that key? Remain crazy attracted and letting the other know aside of course everything else you already read on Elite Daily or Thought Catalog- communication is key etc etc etc…….