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Courtesy of Sarah, someone I’ve been friends with since the day she thought it would be funny to throw my school bag from a moving school bus- which she eventually did not, I can’t remember why. I guess crazy only makes friends with crazy HAHAHA.

She decided to decipher my personality through a Japanese Cube Personality Test over coffee- something I’ve truly never heard of in my life. I don’t buy horoscopes what more dig deeper into these generic tests but ok la i give chance- apparently Obama took it too? BAHAHAHA IF OBAMA TOOK IT HONEY IM TAKING IT!

Question Number 1: So theres a cube. Where is this cube placed? How big is the cube? How high from the ground is it placed? What is this cube made of?

Answer Number 1: “Sarah……my cube is in my handbag, its the size of the normal rubix cube you can find in kedai mamak (sundry shops) , its in my bag so its as far from the ground as I would like my handbag to be- normal waist height la i think, and since i bought it from kedai mamak, its plastic!”

Sarah: “Wehhhhh where can like that it cannot be placed in a handbag, you don’t have a handbag with you, is it in your hands in your pocket or where?”

Me: “But this is about my personality and I always carry a handbag. Dah la you generalise me now I cannot even keep my handbag???????”

Sarah: “Omg ok la ok la ok, so is your bag zipped or not?”

*I thought to myself wow this japanese cube test….does it really belong to the japanese or this Sarah bantai only she can alter alter questions all (Important to note Sarah is a medical school student so I gave her benefit of the doubt to assess me LOL)*

Me: “Its zipped, I don’t want to kena rompak (get mugged).”

Question Number 2: “Ok so now, there is also a ladder. What is the ladder made of? How high is the ladder, what does it look like and are you leaning towards the ladder or is the ladder leaning towards you?”

Answer Number 2: “First things first…why is there a ladder Sarah and how is it going to help Mr Cube and I?”

Sarah: “Weh…….. jawab je ah” (Just answer me pls)

*I think she is on her way to developing so much hate towards me HAHAHAHAHA*

Me: “Ok ok. The ladder is made of the normal ladder material la you buy from DIY Shops. Height also the normal height cause so high for what…what do I want to reach? The ladder is not leaning on me nor am I leaning on it. I just leave it there la on the ground also can.”

Sarah: “Omg…. fine…….so ladder is made of steel ok.”

Question Number 3: “Ok now the fun part! Theres a horse now. What colour is the horse? What type of horse is it?”

Answer Number 3: “WHY IS THERE A RANDOM HORSE PULAKKKK???? My horse is pink in colour and super fluffy. I don’t know my horse types.”

*Sarah thought this was funny, beats me really……*

Question Number 4: “Now, you can have flowers. How many flowers do you want in this scene?”

Answer Number 4: “Don’t want flower, lazy to water, later they will wilt and die.”

Question Number 5: “Theres a hurricane/thunderstorm. How far away is it from you and all your things?”

Answer Number 5: “The hurricane/thunderstorm is so far away, I cannot see, feel…it practically does not exist. I shall not be affected by a random hurricane! Jauh gila Sarah but if its meant to come closer, all I can say is: Come at me bro.”

These were my answers to Sarah’s Japanese Personality Test Questions. My answers must have annoyed her so much because she was gently massaging her temples after HAHAHAHAHAHA.

1: So apparently, the cube represents my EGO.

My ego is locked in at a decent level (waist level) and its made of plastic (wow can break so easily also…..hmmmm) The size of the cube is of a moderate normal size which means I am not a shy nor am I boldly confident. (????) AM I NOT SHY? BAHAHAHAHAHA. Is this why my friends always say I take reti malu??? (I have no shame)

2: The ladder represents my FRIENDS.

My friends are not dependent on me nor am I dependent on them. I apparently prefer independence (following if or not I’m leaning on the ladder or vice versa). My ladder is at a decent height which means I’m not one to keep a super long list of friends and prefer quality over quantity. The fact that my ladder is made of steel means my friends are very influential in my life LOL but doesnt that equate to dependence IDEK anymore. Sarah oh Sarah…..


I chose pink and fluffy so Sarah said my ideal partner is a metrosexual and…..ew hairy…… WTF HAHAHAHAHA. I stopped her before she could even continue and begged to differ.

“Sarah, I like my men like my Americano, strong and simple.”

“And black.” (Bodoh la Sarah ni ahhahahaha)

4: The flowers represent how many children you’d love to have.

I obviously chose no flowers so no children BAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT RUBBISH I LOVE KIDS OK…at least I think I do……..when I can AFFORD them.

5: The thunderstorm represents my fears.

I answered that the thunderstorm/hurricane is so far away from me it practically does not exist which means….I live with very little worry in life….

I then also continued but if its meant to be that the thunderstorm/hurricane pays a visit…”come at me bro..” which means I am more than ready to face any conflicts or my fears in life. I live a bulldozing life. WHICH I THINK IS QUITE ACCURATE. The first that is. LOL.

Sarah’s version rather differs from the one I googled and found online but its okay….I encourage creativity Ha Ha Ha.

But here is a link if you decide to try it out yourself or with your friends.

I am not one to buy these generic tests/horoscopes cause I believe we are each uniquely different and no test made by one person should lay us out + it might be a little misleading like hey look at where my pink fluffy horse took me LOL but if you’re up for a ton of fun… apparently someone Sarah knows answered black stallion HAHAHA!!, go for it!

Below is the link.

Japanese Personality Test