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Does it freak you out when something so normal… so routine to you just…doesn’t exist anymore? 

Something as simple as someone you’d talk to on a daily basis to probably number 2 on the complex scale, graduating university and jumping into the workforce. 

Cause it definitely does freak me out, although I’ve been told it’s common, your friend today might not be your friend in a week, you’d stop talking just because, you’d move cities… and ya la a ton of other things, pfft. Unfamiliarity is so weird – probably contradicting my earlier writes about embracing uncertainty hahahahahha.

It’s common especially at this age (early 20’s) as you’ll be moving places, doing things and meeting a ton of people along the way. But I mean this only applies to the everyday people you surround yourself with.. right? And not like your close ones that you crap all day on your what’s app groups with talking about everything and sometimes shamefully nothing… but just throwing alphabets forming words and subsequently forming sentences that means nothing….? 😂

People come and go, PEOPLE, general sense. It doesn’t apply to THE PEEPS.. NOPE. So I’m safe and the rest of you I throw sentences that don’t mean anything to, you’re stuck bahahahahah. 😉😉😉


If the ones I hold close to my heart were to drift away, remember that the odds are at some point you were important… maybe one of the most important, in a nutshell, you were significant. 

But, again, 

I will over the next few years not remember you as much as I’d hope. You’ll be fragments. I’d come across little things and be briefly reminded of you but we all… move on. 

But, again x2, 

I’ll always have your back, even when I get super touchy that we had to drift away. 

I’ll always want the best for you even if i catch myself wishing I was able to witness your journey in achieving  your greatest desires in life. 

*wipes tears* 😔

#justbeenratherhormonalrecently 🙁

Here is a guy with a batman shaped moustache. 😘