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Today, while driving I was all woozy and feeling pretty meh so I thought nothing like my usual coffee fix to get me going so I made a turn and head towards my favourite Starbucks, the one is ss15- it is after all where I grew the most as a person. 

As I was taking a breather from the daily responsibilities in life (woah) and just people watching I saw a couple arguing in the middle of the road LOL and was also condincidentally leaning on my car. Both of them. I wasn’t very concerned that they were leaning on my car but more towards the fact that I have not sent it for washing for about a month 😂😂. 



#onewashtenringgitexpensiveok 😅

It hit me right in my face then, how exhausting it was to argue with your SO. I’ve got no current experience but I do remember the days when I had a boyfriend and arguing was one of the itinerary of our day. (I am exaggerating but we did argue a ton, young blood they say, can’t seem to agree on anything and even if we did, we chose not to cause ego la hallllooooo) 🙄 

The leaning on my car couple was also… maybe 19/20 y/o max and they were a joy to see reminding me of my days as 19 year old with a long term boyfriend. I would say I’m sorry they were not in good terms but… you’ve got to see through this phase before moving on to another and for that I think it was okay to leverage on their what seemed to be a very very unnecessary argument. There was also a lot of Hindustan la chasing one another back and forth LOL. The downside of this whole thing was that they were also quite rude to each other although I choose to believe they are in love which brings me to… 

Why do we accommodate those who are rude to us? Subtly or bluntly, being rude is being rude. We may be head over heels in love with someone but it doesn’t make it okay for us to be rude to them or vice versa. Aside all the bonds we have with each other, we are still individuals that deserves respect. 
Maybe that’s why we should wait before jumping into relationships, especially if we’re young. Young blood- makes you say a ton of things you don’t mean, do a ton of things you don’t actually want to do just to prove a point. 
With age comes wisdom- so I choose to believe la hahahahahha.