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 To my best friend, my partner in crime, my sister when the relation comes with a leverage (upgrade in airline seats for instance cause it has happened ha ha), my preferred travel partner, my weight that pulls me back down when I’m a helium filled balloon and in over my head.

You have no idea how dazed out I was when I dropped you off at the airport, I hate goodbyes I always have and the most significant moments in my life has revolved around airports-last night was another heartbreaking moment, probably one of the worst.

Its funny because its not like I’ve known you my entire life, not even half, not even quarter, in fact not even long enough to be so attached but they weren’t joking when they said quality over quantity.

Thanks for walking through one of the scariest moments in life with me, growing up.

Thanks for loving me despite my bad choices in life the past couple of years.

Thanks for always always always being on my side.

Thanks for understanding that I am terrible at replying messages and not whine about how I don’t care about you although you often jokingly do whine.

Most of all, thanks for always subtly knowing why I make the choices I make because we all know I’d rather die than be wrong or admit I’ve made a mistake. (refer below to me admitting my mistake and am okay with it, for the first time EVER)

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with you just discovering a foreign city in the day and opening up about how human we are in the night, thanks for not belittling my need to live in a world filled with adrenaline and white shark diving. Thanks for willing to take backpacking in Cape Town into consideration although I foresee a ton of whining if the plan actually comes into place HAH LOVE YOU.

When one country is ready for us together in the long run, I hope we’ll spend the rest of our adulthood just growing together and being each others pillar- although I will make an exception for your future husband to take over my place, some day. Until then, I hope pictures together and memories of our mischievous nights will be as vivid as ever.

I know you’ve probably found the love of your life and I know the person you’ll end up spending the rest of your life with is right it front of you and boy is one heck of a lucky man but remember that i’ll always have your back, we’ll always have your back as I know you have mine.

When the both of you are arguing I hope he remembers that I will try to be his friend and understand his situation but I’m always on your side and when I’m not, I will remain an innocent bystander HA HA.

I’ve always hated being wrong but this one time and this one time only I am glad I was wrong about him. A couple of nights ago I discovered that he does in fact deserve you, in this lifetime and the rest, inshallah. I hope he loves you at least half as much as I love you (although sometimes when I don’t pick up your face time calls this love declaration sounds like scam) because you know I’d give anything for your happiness.

I hope your sacrifices in life will always make sense and if they don’t and you feel like your entire world is falling apart remember that my bed always has a space for you and no long flights are too long (if required).

To many more crazy mischievous travels and the rest of our lives together..with additional memberships to +1’s (when I find mine)

p/s: i am first your bridesmaid and then your future children’s godmother and please tell your dad I still don’t know what and where ZOUK is because astaghfirullah sister HAHAHA.