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Spent quite a while at the Geelong Public Library today and stumbled upon the Death Inquests in the official police records. Its not death that shattered my heart, death is in fact inevitable and fearing the inevitable is a form of self inflicting pain but it was how these good people died that tore me apart. Boy accidentally drowned..? Adult murdered..? Its a crazy world we live in..crazy short when you come to think of it.

One caught my attention.. Death by suicide…

Has it ever occurred to you, why does one take their own life? I mean we have researches doing all they can, money being spent on cures to save lives, and you have these other set of people, willing to take theirs away in a blink of an eye. No answers, yes? But i guess we often forget to think that we don’t know it all about the life of others, about the hardships they may be facing..about a lot, we are oblivious to so many things and sometimes…we forget that taking your own life requires strength too. Strength in the form of being able to keep up with maybe years and years and years of unhappiness. Who really knows, right? Nobody really knows and thats just where it should stop. When nobody really knows nobody should speak on behalf of victims of depression and self-harm, what more the ordinary unqualified bit of us.

May the ones that have left us rest in peace and forever remain in our heart and prayers. May the ones battling the many forms of depression/sadness and confusion in life that has the tendency to lead to suicide, know that they are not weaklings and they can face these trials in life. To persevere, have faith and know that you are never ever alone.

All my love to wherever and whoever you may be.