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A couple of days ago I plugged my phone to my Mac and am pretty sure I did not decide to wipe anything out or even transfer any data but it did it itself…without my consent and just like that…in a split second i lost all my data all my password all my numbers blablabla.

I was also travelling abroad.

With a brand new like phone and 0 contacts.

Imagine the thrill.

I thought it got transferred into my ICLoud or I had a backup in it but nothing like that happened and the only backup I had….was that lifejacket under my seat if the plane were to go down. Ha ha ha ok I kid. No, but seriously, I lost everything…

Oh and do you know how you log on to your apps like twitter, gmail etc and it remembers the password..it wiped that memory out too.. on my phone and computer. Now i am stuck with a load of reset my password emails and am on the brink of crying and no I do not remember my password because some of them have been around for ages and they’ve always been automatically remembered on my gadgets.

To add salt to the wound.. roaming failed on me tsktsk Celcom. Really thought you were dabomb.com and had to get a new number, reregistered whats app and practically everything and….I BET MY LIFE I HAVE TEN MILLION MESSAGES ON MY REAL NUMBER WHICH I CANT ACCESS CAUSE THANKS CELCOM.

On top of that… lol yes my few days has been rather miserable in this sense but I also had to make a very very very important life and death online payment which was quite a sum so i required a TAC OR MSOS code which would be sent to my celcom number to be typed onto the e-commerce website for approval…but guess who has no access to her celcom number, which means I had to call Maybank to reset my phone number which required a solid 30 minutes of verification questions along the lines of so where did you sign up for your may bank account (10 years ago) – because i would remember and thats the most important detail in my life…right?

At the very end of it i persevered, got it all done and now I’m ready to hustle with Celcom that they have failed me and Apple…I trusted you.