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If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d remember uni days aka mini skirt days (though I have in fact deleted a whole load of pictures cause shame has finally caught up ahahaha)

Throughout the entire journey or self discovery ha ha ha it stuck me that:

Slowly but surely we all come to terms that what’s yours will always be yours. We’ve loved and lost, and we love again, despite. We strip all of it off and go back to basics- simplicity is after all, key. We revamp out wardrobes to match our age and the sense of elegance we hope to portray. Slowly but surely, we grow.

I’ve grown, I hope I have through all my supposed love stories, through my broken friendships, bruised knees and ego. But also, through my lasting friendships and lesson learnt. I’ve also revamped my wardrobe and kept in mind that simplicity is key.

1. Simplicity: White on black (I don’t compromise on heels, some things needs compensation) 😂