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“Adik, come home we go have dinner okay, mummy have not eaten.”

“Okay, will come back now, see you.”

A couple of days ago mummy sent me this message and it has been a while since we last had some good old mamak food late at night not caring about how it might affect

  1. my already confused sleeping pattern because we’ll end up spending hours and hours just talking..or in this case here, not talking.
  2. calories calories calories (has anyone ever wondered why calories.kl named themselves calories.kl?) I MEAN I FREAK OUT ONLY READING IT. No bit of calories is positive so naming a cafe (is it a cafe??) after it is only worse. LOL

OK so I got home and parked in front of the house and texted mum to come on out and off we go. YAY QUALITY TIME……….only to finally realise my mum would be on the phone the entire few hours.

I was initially quite upset because I actually rushed home and had a really really long day. The scorching hot weather did not help too. Always been quite hormonal since the weather, sweating before time, perfume not smelling like perfume anymore but sweat and I OBVIOUSLY GOT A FEW SHADES DARKER but on the bright side..sunny sunny weather gave me a reason to get new sunglasses so wiwiwiwiwiwiwi. Opportunist right thurrrr.

Okay whoa going out of context but yes, mummy was on the phone the entire time and if she wasn’t speaking she was texting. I acknowledge how tech savvy she has become but SIGH MOTHER I RUSHED HOME FOR YOU WHY WONT YOU NOTICE ME.

It then struck me, its a lot worse with our generation, my generation where we could call up a friend and ask them out for lunch only to end up snap chatting every ten minutes. Eh so when do you talk? Maybe its a price we have to pay with the advancement in technology..but what ever happened to real life conversation and love letters (NOT SO HINT, HINT: AM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC AT HEART).

At the end of the dinner I rushed home for I tried keeping my cool although I was rather annoyed and just went up to my room… and a few minutes later mum knocked on my door because she knew I felt ignored. “Merajuk la tu…sorry okay.”

Hmmmmmmmmmmm nasib baik sayang.


Maybe the best we can do for now is try our best to not be distracted by technology and avoid forcing the person in front of you to stare at the back of your phone. Maybe the best we can do is put away our phone when we realise we are in fact being distracted by it and maybe the ones feeling ignored could control their emotions and understand…as much as this is not the best way to address it, it is the norm, today and if someone tries their best to avoid their addiction to snapchat cause A for effort…right right…right? Somebody say yes before I pinch my best friend who is snap chatting me right now…

Wait…I’m typing from a laptop myself…what a fail LOL!