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I’ve been really hooked on Rachel Platten’s Stand by You (so outdated I know) but catching up with new music is really a lot of effort and time consuming…. and mostly it also means you’ll be slightly more attached (if you find one that you like) to a a new song and spend less time listening to the one you were hooked on before that.. WOULD THE SONG NOW FEEL ABANDONED AHAHAHAH? Ok ok drama queen me is done making something out of absolutely nothing.

Stand by You is a song that gives you so much faith.. cause if you were to look into the lyrics its actually telling someone through good times and bad, through thick and thin and if it was me being told that..or telling someone that..I’d be quite emotional and considering the content, its quite an upbeat song which only makes it better.. Out with sappy me in with hip me hehe.

Which brings me to:

Does it really happen? Having someone to sit with you through good and bad times? I mean what if someday I meet someone, they love me, all is good…we become a thing… we have great days together…and one day they see me on my sick days really ugly and weird hair..in jumpers and refuse to do anything but roll in bed with Netflix…WHAT IF THEY DONT LOVE ME ANYMORE OMG. WHAT IF THEY THINK OMG EW.

And what if he dumps me and tells his friends how annoying i am when I’m sick and slowly more people starts finding out…OMG WILL I BE BURIED A………LONE….. without my family members (obviously no husband already pfft thanks to mr kiss & tell LOL)

On a more serious note these things do keep me up at night..not the bit about being buried alone in particular ahaha but the bit about is there really someone who sits with you through good and bad times??

If there are from the looks of it..is it actually how it looks in public when its just the two of them in the bedroom. Do they talk about their problems and do they actually help each other out during and times and are genuinely happy for their partner’s success.. or do they just look happy when they’re out looking perfect but barely ever say anything to each other when doors are closed..because I know couples that are like that when they’ve been together for a while. It dies out and thats really really frustrating.

I know mum’s and dad’s, brothers and sisters..families in that sense will do their best to sit by you no matter what is it you’re facing, they will always have your back but eventually the family you are to build from scratch when you find your S/O also matters….right?

Leave it to me to freak myself out LOLOLOL

But wow Rachel Platten’s Superman and Speechless is really nice too. *happy sigh*

Old songs, you are not abandoned and shall remain in my playlist okay hehehehe