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We often talk about strength..which is really subjective but today one of my friend (who shall not be named) is celebrating her one year anniversary with the person I hope is the love of her life because if anyone deserves to already find the love of their life, it is this friend of mine. I MEAN SHEESH COME ON WORLD…ABOUT DAMN TIME NO???

She has loved and lost more times than anyone I’ve known but remains one of my friends with the biggest heart and the capability to love like she has never been hurt before.

“Hmm nak buat macam mana, but its otey.” (Hmm what to do, but its okay) – These are her exact words…every single time. Of course there is always more to her stories and of course she gets upset and of course she lashes out initially but I really never thought it was possible to be whole..again…every, single, time.

That really is the epitome of strength when in this context.

She makes it look so easy to be whole even when she has lost multiple times. Whenever we go out together, she brings him along and i just look in awe..at her ability to love so so much. Ahhh, such a big heart, just makes me want to have one too.