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So recently I had a conversation with my friend who obviously sat through LDR which didn’t work out cause her then douchy boyfriend which we all (safe to say now) disliked….CHEATED ON HER PFFT.

But still, that aside she had the LDR experience, the gruesome, has no mercy for others LDR experience.

“Have you ever thought why most long distance relationships don’t work? I mean I know how some works out yadda yadda they end up happy and have babies… THOSE LUCKY LITTLE HUMAN BEINGS!! But..tons just don’t work out and they cause so much heartbreak..”

*spaced out for two seconds and thought about mine that did not work too*

Wise 22 year old me answered my own question: “Wait, I think I know why! Its cause airplane tickets are ridiculously expensive. I mean imagine if couples could give proof that they’re in long distance relationship and be given a pass to visit their SO every couple of months, that would save tons of relationships. I mean learning how to communicate aside, after a while when they’re not around you’d just subconsciously forget about them. (apparently i was told that it happens, pfft…what ever happened to jauh dia mata dekat di hati: separated by miles, but never by love) Anywaaaaay thing about being in LDR for too long is that need! Its not even a want anymore, ITS A DAMN NEED!!”


You know what I think, I think there should be like a card or a validation that two people are in a relationship and due to that they’re allocated say 3/4 flights a year at 90% off or something (I’m pushing it aren’t I? HEHEHEHE) But this allocation has to be regulated and I think the only way to regulate it is like that weird interview you go to when you want to move to your spouse’s country and the immigration centre needs to certify you’re not just after citizenship but after love..and only love. It could be done the same to relationships right? Maybe keep it only for those that have been dating for 6 months and above, I don’t know but something..at least. Its crazy, I see my friends enduring long distance and I just cry for them. Its heartbreaking. The pain of wanting and eventually developing the need to see someone you can only see through a camera lens….after a while its too little to hold on to for us humans who were designed to love and be loved.

I know a lot of us go on the basis that LDR tests the strength of a relationship but what about the mental bit of it…what about when that person is also your best friend and in your lowest moment all you need to stop yourself from pulling something silly upon yourself is a hug, a long long hug from the one that is your entire world.