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This is not meant to be an open letter although I’m pretty sure it might sound like it…eventually but this is more like a rant post… if i may.

As I’ve said…or probably not said thanks to my goldfish memory span (wait goldfish are the ones that are forgetful right? Or is it fish in general lol.) Well you get my flow, due to my very very bad memory, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned moving to a Sime Darby development namely Elmina the past month, beautiful, well planned township, top notch workmanship yadda yadda, so well done Sime Darby, you’ve got that out of me, I’m a satisfied owner lol BUT WHY ARE YOUR STREET LIGHTS TURNED OFF AT NIGHT???!!! Or to be more specific the street lights towards Garinia your most recent phase of houses…Its the furthest and I would automatically assume the lights would be up cause SECURITY. DUH.

Anyway, arguing on behalf of them (possible argument and not argument per se because there should not be an argument as to why the street lights are not turned on) Sime Darby would probably put forward the fact that barely anyone has moved in and it would seem redundant to turn the lights on because COST. Ok win. I’m pretty sure it would cost you to turn the lights on considering only two houses out of i don’t even know a few hundred are occupied… but is it valid to compromise on security, compromise on quality over quantity??

I don’t think so. I go home every night and sometimes really late at night must I point out and the roads are barely there for me to see… its like driving into a big black hole ALTHOUGH i would appreciate a nice trip into lalaland every now and then, I would not appreciate not being able to see resulting into me driving over an animal *touchwood* or knock into god knows what cause you refuse to turn your lights on…

Quality over quantity guys, come on. I’m pretty sure you should look into quality.

Some of you might think…does she not have headlights..LOL i do, i do, like any other car… decent car..i do have headlights and they are functioning as they should but am I to really pay over 3000MYR a month which mind you is not even minimum wage and struggle to see the road that leads to my house… AIYO. I am sad as sad as my deteriorating eye sight.


Pictures of what I face on a daily basis ughhhhhh. 

And the last one is just me flashing so don’t flatter yourself Sime Darby, without me your street is practically non existent hehehehe #hireme ? 

PLEASE HOWEVER DONT BE DETERRED TO PURCHASE HOUSES FROM SIMEDARBY OMG THEIR DESIGN AND WORKMANSHIP IS TO DIE FOR I AM IN LOVE WITH EVERYYYYYYYTHING but (cue being unimpressed hence no caps lock) the fact that i go blind trying to not drive into an animal late at night after work.

p/s author is in no way defaming sime darby lol, author is pretty in love with their work/ houses and this is not in fact our first purchase, we are loyal purchasers- NOT ME LA MY MOTHER HAS THE DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS. I JUST HAVE THE BILLS LOL.