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What is your take on it..? Because I have none, or maybe I do but my current self refuses to agree with my current self because my old self had a different take on it. – cue miss blab blab blab what is she talking about lol.

I’ve never been one to give the idea or wrong or right timing a second thought. I was blunt like that lol. I remember someone giving me the talk about, if we were in a different moment if we met sooner in life..later in life, it may have turned out different.

And I thought to myself while slowly zoning out to his sugar coat lecture.. “You don’t decide if you make it or break it (no matter what it is we’re referring to) according to when it happened.” Sheesh, I mean, work like hell for what you want obviously.. right?

Have also been an advocate of world working around your biggest desires only if you worked hard enough.

I now wish to discredit my old self.

It does matter, although every bit in me wishes it doesn’t. In fact it matters so much sometimes being in the right place at the right time, your life..can change.