It was about 3 am and Amir, Eric and myself, we were catching up in Asia Cafe- typical subang kids/young adults/ adults… pssft, adults… still getting used to that term… 

Anyway, we were seated facing some barbecue chicken wings or whatever it was but it looked so good…

“Amir, get up and get us some chicken wings.” 

“How many do you want?” 

*Eric looks at me and I look at Eric and we looked at Amir*


I think I gave away the fact that I was allocating two each (it was a massive chicken wing, and 3 am, diet ok) 

Amir says he doesn’t want any. 

“I don’t want, you guys eat la, how many you want?” 

*Eric looks at me, I look at Eric.. again* 

“6 la!” 

*laughs at each other*

15 minutes later, chicken wings arrived and god they looked sooooo good. 

Aunty: “Lapan belas ringgit” (18 bucks) 

*takes out money and whispers to each other, “Never again.” 

“Ya, never again. Wait don’t eat yet, it burns.” 

•It’s always the best when I’m with them, always so pleasant and this may not be the funniest conversation we’ve had but in that moment, it felt like all was good. Little things in life, eh?