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Every now and then (everyday) I find myself in super funny/ memorable conversations.. some would stick with me for a while, years even if i were to ever sit and just look back..so i just thought that i’d share and hope it gives you guys a good laugh..and myself hopefully as i click older posts in the next few years hehehe.

Number 1 was with Shamani at Jeremy’s Annual Christmas Party.

*casually talks about whats up and good looking human beings*

Me: He was really really tall, standing at 6″8 and so good looking.. i fell for him, literally, tripped over his leg while racing him and ended up in the emergency room.

Shamani: 6″8? What is he trying to reach? God?! Tell that fella to share some with us down here.

Sham, everyone. Really one of the brightest, funniest people I know who always manages to  make me laugh!