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Was on Skype.. still on Skype (while Chee Meng is god knows what is he doing) and had a blast of thoughts.

Thinking session: Have you ever had that feeling? Say for when you part ways with you so but it doesn’t feel right- and not for the don’t want to be alone, want to be with someone, a fresh breakup, does not feel right, but a this is not over, it just needs tweaking and a little work but when that’s sorted, you’ll sit back with your so thinking.. how dare the both of you think so little of the bond you had, does not feel right. How could you have given up something so special over something..if given more time and effort would have been worth it.

Have you? I mean I’m pretty sure falling in love with different people again and again can be pretty exhausting and i’ve witnessed friends who gave and is still giving their all in every single relationship they have been in… and i know she is exhausted cause i am too for her, just seeing her getting it wrong every single time. I mean all she wants was to be swept away in a white (okay any colour also can) horse and find her best friend she can make babies with hehe. How is that too much to ask for?

I don’t think its right.. kissing so many frogs in an attempt to find that one person you’d spend the rest of your life with. One maybe, two- not ideal but okay… but anymore and you’ll just be worn out. Worn out and scared.

I wish we knew..when and who we’d spend the rest of our lives with because try and errors? Who has time for that sheesh.

They say you know when you know, but you know when you know’s are so deceiving..!