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I don’t know if its just me or it applies to many out there but in the midst of difficulties I think we often forget that the odds are people around us are in as big of a mess, probably bigger. The only difference would be if or not they choose to show or talk about it. We take advantage of so much, of the good people around us because its so easy to remember the bad ones. Its so easy to mourn over loss instead of celebrating happiness.

We’re all doing life for the first time. – A line i stumbled upon from a song, a one liner that explains everything and puts everything into perspective. No one around us has done life before (unless of course you believe in reincarnation, then okay..they probably have lol lucky them huh, sheesh.) I think we rush. We rush into doing so many things and doing so many things perfectly all at once because the world is competitive as it is and God isn’t it human nature to want to win. I know I always want to win, even for the dumbest things, I seem to always need to win. *Really not something I am proud of, and something I will truly work on.*

No one to be blamed really. But maybe, if we take a breather, if we stop to hear the wind or maybe if we look forward to finer things in life, things we often overlook like the blooming of that flower..maybe we’d be happier. Who really knows. A lot of life is try and error.

We forget. We forget that we are not the only hurting and the person next to us sometimes our closest even, are facing challenges we know absolutely nothing about.

We assume. If we don’t forget we go on to assume that everything is smooth sailing elsewhere. We assume the grass is always greener on the other side, something I used to be guilty for.

We give up so easily. We get tired so easily. We assume fallout from a lack of communication so easily. We stop trying so quickly. We throw tantrums in a split second. We, give up so quickly.

God, I wish we would not give up, forget and overlook so easily. I wish we would try harder. I know I’m looking forward to trying harder. New year new goals..right? hehehe.

Just realised all the things i’ve just said are probably note to self. Uh oh.

We’re all first timers.. at life.