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You don’t have to leave home ten years to feel left out when you return, where you spent the earlier days of your life, your childhood. When you leave, you change, things change and life at home moves on without you. We all speak of how difficult it is to settle down abroad, wonder if anyone actually dares to speak about how difficult it can be settling down back home when the most significant days of your life were the days you decided everything for yourself, days where you do grocery shopping without someone telling you to (although you wait till your fridge has nothing but ketchup from takeaways), the days where after a long day at work & school, you come home to an empty apartment. Those were the days that changes a person, that entitles a person to say, I think I grew quite a bit.

With coping mechanism running out for some, I’ve come to realise even the strongest of them all will reach a point in their life where an anchor is a necessity, not  want but a need. Behind the night outs with my best friends, my undying love for handbags and shoes and my quirky conversations with the people around me, I don’t reach out when I can’t hold things together, I don’t think I ever knew how. Apparently I sweep things under the rug, and my rug is maaaaaassive. -.-‘

So basically what I’m trying to say is cut everyone that is confused and a closed book some slack, not everyone grew up being told they can feel what they want to feel whenever they want to feel it geez and we all know how children just buy everything we tell them so parents, elder siblings whatever whoever as long as you know you are a role model to a child, let them feel what they want to feel even if you think its a waste of time. Let them think what they want to think, all thoughts are relevant.