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MUM @ 12.21 am : What are you doing..?

Me : Nothing. Just crying blood. They said paintings were art, I think we should include Biyan as art too.

MUM : What?

Me : Nothing, mummy.

*Proceeds to cry blood*

P/s: So glad I didnt go home with Anya last few months in Westfield because the bag I wanted is now half the price it was… imagine the heartbreak if I would have gotten it and months later realise the price depreciated quicker than cars.

Wishful dreaming but I know who to run to for my wedding dress already teeeeheeeee, that is if i don’t end up with cats in a 1,200sq apartment.

Really does feel my sense in fashion is changing as I grow.. less skin and more covering up, I mean just because you’ve decided to do more sleeves instead of bra straps, does not mean you should sacrifice fashion and when you dress well, you feel well the same way the right shoes takes you places. Speaking of shoes…… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I probably shouldn’t.

My need to work hard is now justified, my wants are endless. Oh God…

Wait… these clothes are not to be hand washed only..right? -.-