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I think the biggest mistake we’re making as we become more social media savvy is believing everything we see on Instagram or everything another person tweets. We believe it so much we think their life consist only of the things they choose to show when truth is there’s so much more to that person, theres more to him than his perfectly shot pictures on instagram and relatable quotes on twitter. Much much more. That’s what I choose to believe, at least.

I’ve been getting great traffic for the past couple of months since I’ve started writing again, and thank you a million times. I’ve been told I talk and talk and talk and there just seems to be no end to me talking and I also have a weird way of explaining myself so I thought why not… talk to everyone and anyone which is the main reason as to why I write and blog about anything and everything. I’ve been getting great emails too, then on my what was a long distance relationship. I’ve gotten emails telling me to hold on because it’s worth every day without, and they were spot on, of course. Thank you, I don’t think I would have made it as easy as I did without the little convincing.

Besides the great emails I’ve gotten, I get really nasty ones too… which I think was publicly humiliating and thankfully comments require approving or I would have been embarrassed. Openly replying to nasty comments consisting of me having it easy and doing nothing but wasting my life away on trying to look/feel nice, on my dining habits or anything else alike, thanks but I beg to differ.

I think we choose what we share with the world, as I am choosing what I want to write about, what I’m going to say and who I’m going to quote in my daily conversations. I would set myself up there on purpose and share my hardwork/sleepless night/ caffeine addiction following sleepless nights or sleepless nights following caffeine addiction/ exhausting weekends/ done days and sappy saturdays but would that really be necessary? Good vibes over nasty ones, no? Plus would anyone really be interested to hear how I worked 48 hours straight or 100x more when I was in London just trying to be on par with a 28 y/o then solicitor now aspiring barrister, 100x harder because I was international and hiring’s for international in the legal sector was close to 0?

Defending my choice of lifestyle, why bother reading anyway if all you do is bring someone down over their  may or may not be well deserved lifestyle? God, why are some of us so busy bringing another person down when we could easily empower each other and make the world a happier place. Have you guys not watched Disney? OHANA yo. I think the entire world is one big family, I choose to believe it is. I’m probably not making any sense here but you get the idea…

Just because someone decides to pick what they share with the world be it on social media or anything else, there’s always usually more than what it seems… always.

A very very defensive and mean me would say : Now pick your mean and sorry ass up and walk far far away.

A sensible, 21 year old me would say : Thanks, I have come to a realisation that I in fact have it easy in life. I’ve always gotten what i want after a brawl with my shiny swipe cards but that doesn’t mean I’m not thankful everyday for all that I have.