Had boat noodle for the first time (sad I know) with my girls the other day! 


Was quite unimpressed at first cause impatient me had to queue for our turn. Is there a smart tag for this to get us through quicker ???? 

Seated and voila!! Emi definitely knew what she was doing- thankfully. I would have probably ordered the entire menu 😅


My bag needed a place to sit too. Sheesh, boat noodle, told you it was a 3+1. 

Halfway through our dinner, received a message from my brother and I felt loveeeeeeeeed 🙃🤓

Okay maybe not thaaaaaat loved. Pfft. 😒

I have now decided that boat noodle and my girls will be a monthly thing and they come together! Such a nice date night ❤️😍


Wore basics (t-shirts and I are like an annual thing, barely ever happens) 

Demanding a December date night with my busy busy girls now 💋😁