During my undergrad years, I spent two years as a barista in Starbucks and obivously those were the best days of my life. Relieving the days with Zhu Kelly! And ‘busy’ Zhu Desmond. Ok ok maybe he is actually busy and I’m just comparing his life to my ‘taitai’ life hahahahah. At least he knows his priorities. 😅😂


Busy it seems pfft. 

Oh thank god for comfort food and knowing what makes the drinks taste better. 

  Stole this from Kelly’s snapchat!   

Every once in a while it helps to remember in this almost exact setting was where I learned who my closest friends were and how quickly colleagues can become more than just colleagues. In this almost exact setting was also where I learned how difficult it was to earn money and how grateful we should be to our parents for providing us the best they can, and sometimes probably not even having enough for themselves. I hope I never forget that, and I hope I’ll always be able to provide for my family. (No I’m not tearing, but even if I was…. it is only appropriate pfft) 😒 

Love you mummy!