I’ve always believed in a step by step success, hard work and to never compare anything to another (or at least i try), be it way of life or a relationship for that matter. Disappointed myself twice today. Being in 17 hour shifts with barely 3 hours of sleep that led to another good 17 hour shift almost took its toll. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I always have and I always will but *cue Christina Perri’s Only Human*.

Having to clock more hours than necessary to impress employers when you’re climbing ladders can be exhausting. Hospitality hasn’t always been my ultimate choice of career but considering I’m one foot in, do it 100% or don’t do it at all..

Caught myself saying “…but i’ve clocked more than 12 hours a day and he has barely done anything…its not fair.”


Fair? Really self, FAIR?

Wonder if my senior manager would actually care LULZ

I realised then I was comparing myself to someone I barely knew and indirectly maybe making him look bad. Teruknya perangai Astagfirullah. So what if I’ve clocked 23 hours in a day, comparing is one bad thing leading to another, something I’ve learned being with H. Thankfully.

TWICE IN A DAY GUYS IM ON A ROLL. Later in the day every cold tired bone in my body just wanted a real face to face conversation with H, who has his ways of getting myself composed- QUICK APPRECIATION SENTENCE: HOW LUCKY AM TO HAVE SUCH A BRILLIANT AND SUBTLE PARTNER HEHEHEHEHE.


Soon to be -100 points -.-

Having someone I really want to talk live over 6000 miles away = Wish you were here, A & B boleh je ini itu, why we tak boleh (if A & B can do this and that, why can’t we?) ON A COMPARING SPREE YO! MIGHT AS WELL JUST BUMP MY HEAD IN THE WALL. However the moment the thought was in my head I knew it was silly and immature of me to have compared situations. Everything is different and I knew for a fact that if H was here and if I have actually said it out loud it would have been upsetting. How could I…..be so close to hurting this person.

But today I learned. Never again hopefully.