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If you were a sales lady, you’d love me

if you were anyone else but the sales lady, you’d hate me-

unless i’m your friend and I was getting you a gift then you’d love me… I think.   Why?

Well because I fall for everything, like how I fell for this bag I barely ever used. I mean I loved it, I still love it, Its just not me.      Speaking of falling for everything I fell for the matching purse too!  Which I’ve decided to let go because I know someone would look way better in it than I would.

Bought the entire set from the Michael Kors gallery around Covent Garden, London about 6 months agp +- for I don’t know how much but way more than £250 which is how much I’m letting it go for (cheaper than all the other websites, I’ve checked and there’s a matching purse too hehehehe) Original dust bag, lost the receipt because..I’m me?

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