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I don’t think I spend as much time on my outfits as I do on my shoes cause theres so much to take into account- okay is today gonna rain, where am i going, what am i walking on, is it safe for wedges, pumps, open toe sandals, flats, espadrilles, block heels, thin heels- will they sink in grass? – but am i walking on grass? SO MANY NEVER ENDING THINGS TO BE CONSIDERED. Outfits on the other hand, for a day like today where I almost couldn’t be bothered, there’s still always something to wear even when you’re almost certain there’s nothing. No effort nothing whatsoever in the making of this outfit but I feel absolutely comfortable in them so i now declare my annoying orange parisian details shirt one of my run to shirts! *pops the champagne*


*awkward hand on neck, someone is passing by- act normal, i repeat, act normal, pose*


(where there’s a will, there’s a way) = take picture anywhere.