I’ve spent most of my time in Royal Albert Hall (RAH) this July cause I pre-booked my shifts thinking I’d rather be attached to one venue instead of having to google where am I working tomorrow every night, all fine until I was sent to Hampshire for a day for a considerably late shift (got home at about 3.30am ish- still, all fine, until I checked my bookings and I have a direct shift the day after in RAH!!!! Thought to myself, okay la not so bad, I have an off day after I’ll just pay my sleep debt then.

YAY all YAY.

Woke up the next morning feeling like 0. Dragged myself out of bed 3/4 asleep, showered (fell asleep in the shower!!!!!!!!!), wore my uniform for the day, got on the tube, walked to RAH, signed in with the security, set up the bar, cloth the tables, pre pour drink ALL OF THAT- 3/4 asleep. I don’t even remember doing half the things I got done until my colleagues told me my pre-event set ups were done. I do however remember going through a one word reply phase like ‘mm’, ‘yes’, *nods*.

I don’t know about you guys but I think this is a talent I have cause how does one just set up a drink and canapés reception for over 150 guests, 3/4 asleep and not break or forget any details – mind you my table boxes were perfect hehehehe. So proud of myself for surviving such a mental few days. Okay gonna hibernate now and just not exist, after this talk with Lim Guan Eng at least.

Have a great morning, evening, night whatever the time is where you are :*