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OMG guys, i found someone to trust with my hair in London, and I don’t trust my hair with anyone but of course that one what was I thinking moment when I allowed Clement to chop more than half my hair off. Anyway, my hair grew *duh* since the last time i had a trim and I thought recently, why not- again. This was how I met my hair guardian angel, Fran. I was strolling the streets of London and I saw reflection of myself on every store I walked by- I looked so.. SMK (Sekolah Menengah, Secondary School) like and I couldn’t take it anymore. Bam, there it was, RUSH Hair Saloon staring at me in my face. I think the more common procedure would be to make appointments and yadda yadda but I just walked in thinking that maybe I could score a quick haircut just to fix what could use major fixing, so I walked in saying exactly this: “Hi, so um I have a hair emergency, do you think maybe you could slot me in for a quick trim?” So, she checked her available slots and said YES!! “So who would you like to have to attend to you?” I was so excited to fix my hair I really didn’t bother to pick so I excitedly said “Anyone it doesn’t matter, thanks!” She must have thought I was way too giggly for someone who was gonna have her short hair, shorter. I sat at that common pusing pusing chair all saloon’s have and was anxiously waiting- *ring ring* and I thought to myself eh what damn spoiler please I’m about to make some massive changes here its such a wrong time to call me but I answered it anyway- i think it was from the phone company 02 or something, sheesh, come on guys, bad timing or what so I obviously told them I had to go, I was at work and it was a bad time for a promotion call. (At work? – It was a white lie, white lies don’t count hehe) So my personal stylist for the day was Fran and she was aaaaaamaaaaaaazing! IMG_4690

Oh hi atrocious looking hair, off you go.

The junior stylist asked me if I wanted any coffee or tea or juice or anything at all, then I thought to myself, anything at all? Do you have an entire Sainsbury behind those doors or something? “Just coffee please, thank you.”


I was given a few minutes to settle and enjoy my coffee/chocolates and god knows what else there actually was on that tray and was then brought into the washing saloon. “Are these shampoos as good as they put it out to be?” She must have thought pfft this girl, of course it is it costs £40 over per bottle but considering how shameless i am, i really don’t care I just want to know. “Because my current shampoo is making my hair super dry, or maybe its just me I don’t know.” “Yeah its great, we use it for all our customers” I thought to myself, duh you do- its the only brand you have on your shelves- hah! not that dumb after all am i?

p/s this wasn’t Fran, this was still the Junior Stylist so leave the greatness of Fran, my hair god out of this awfully dull conversation or more like a mere exchange of a few words/ two sentences.

But I gotta give it to her for her super strong hands massaging my head although on a normal day I would have smacked her right there and then for even touching my hair.


Fran was so incredible she got me to go for a look I’ve never considered in my entire life. She was also super particular about every bit of length because she said “Darling, every girl is a princess.” I’ve never had a stranger been soooo sooo nice to me and half of you must be thinking, obviously she is, you are paying a premium for her services but I promise you the way she attended to me was way beyond her job scope, she went further and explained to me what kind of make up would suit my skin tone, what hair would match even the end of warm days as our skin goes back to being dull and grey from the cold. She convinced me that this hair would match my square features and distinct cheekbones and jawlines- I mean there’s so much passion there and who wouldn’t want to leave the fate of their hair to someone who has passion for beauty (?????) I had such an amazing fulfilling experience in RUSH Hair Saloon in Oxford Street, which I’m assuming is super obvious from this blog post and I know if you are around London and you’re up for something new, or probably need a hair cut and you fuss over every detail, Fran would make wonders happen!

Rush Oxford Street, 94 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1BZ

Facebook: RushHairAndBeauty 

Instagram: OfficialRushHairBeauty

Twitter: @RUSHHairBeauty

My next appointment with her is on the 1st of September and I’m already looking forward to her new ideas YAY YAY YAY but till then I’ll stroll the streets of London happy with my haircut all thanks to Fran!