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Ever since I got my Harrods card I’ve only been spending my ‘out of summer work and why did I decide to do a diploma after a degree whine’ time giggling around Harrods at pretty bags and stuff and shamelessly imagining how divine life would be if the entire Harrods was my wardrobe and of course the eateries are my kitchen of all sort. I do this alone and in my head so remain my friend okay?

About a few days ago exiting the Knightsbridge tube, the one directly in front of Harrods I walked by this lady with a 35 Birkin. If you’re just confused at what I’m talking about I’m referring to the Hermès Birkin Bag- the one that goes up to £100,000. No you are not reading it wrong/ Yes it is a hundred thousand british pounds. It didn’t hit me until I was in Harrods at the bag section looking at little cute Dior bags which would of course upon a purchase – I’d hear no end from Mum that i realised the Birkin’s aren’t the most attractive looking bags out there, considering the massive price tag.

Today when I was on my laptop dying to read about something, the Birkin incident hit me and so of course I went on to google why how and so forth. After all the pleasant distraction from H who I’m assuming will appear more and more in my blog- I finally have it.

Wiki’d this because Wiki is my answer to everything. All hail Wiki.

Named after a singer Jane Birkin, the bag is a symbol of wealth/ power due to its high price and status in whole. Word is it takes about 6 months to get hold of a bag due to its exclusivity. WHO WAITS THAT LONG FOR A HANDBAG. Crazier than 6 months: at one time, buyers had to wait for six years to get their hands on a Birkin. 6 years, which is basically the entire primary school/ sekolah rendah session (!!!!) How do they do that? I can’t even stand the journey back home when I purchase a new baby. I want to rip them open immediately, but I guess some people = me are just a whole lot more impatient than others hehe.

The hardware on a Birkin is usually either palladium or gold plated HIGHLIGHT – OF HIGHEST QUALITY, but then again I’m assuming so are other branded handbags pfft.

Anyway, I’ve come to a conclusion that in all, I think the Birkin represents independence. I mean correct me if I’m wrong and this may sound totally out of proportion but I know being a student that I still am today, nobody will every take me seriously if I ever carry around a Birkin. It’ll either be my daddy bought it for me for my 21st birthday or I found myself in my mum’s walking wardrobe. Not saying there’s no place for a Birkin but if I ever purchase one, I’d love for it to be from my hard earned sweat and tears. Maybe that is what a Birkin is all about; A symbol of independence and if it isn’t, being the person that I am, I’d remain to believe that it is. Not ruling out the future of me purchasing other sort of handbags though- sorry bank account/ sorry future husband who wants a joint account.