The last few days, besides today was super hot. For a malaysian who deals with hot weather on a daily basis it may sound super whiny to go “OMG its so hot” every ten minutes walking or “OMG panas gila ya rabbi” in the tube when you are sandwiched between so many people during peak hour and the weather is at its hottest, but I kid you not, this heat was one of a kind. I often shamelessly take the credit around my friends when London is sunny and not all usual British running around proclaiming I brought the sun with me to London but the past few days, taking the credit would have been the death of me. If you still think I’m overreacting I’m not.

Anyway, since the weather has gotten better and staying in (because I don’t own air conditioning or a fan- sad I must admit) is humanly possible, I stayed in, rolled in bed and sighed happily being able to feel my cold sheets and duvet again. Plus its Ramadhan so I presented myself the free pass to just laze around the entire day until buka puasa. Watched movies, read a few non academic books, watched more movies, read more non academic books/magazines/ online articles and my oh so productive friend H was already out and about- got himself to the gym, and as we speak I’m assuming he is being a million times more productive than I am who is listening to Kodaline and wishing I’d see them live one day.

Got this text message from H from a book he was reading for his dissertation that said “….Singapore will continue to grow into an ‘open’ society” followed by a snap of a published article dated 4th of July 2015 titled “Singapore activist sued by PM breaks down in court” – H found this amusing. Something academic related amusing (!!!!!) while I was reading on why does the Birkin bag cost over £100,000 hehe. I’ve always envied him for his dedication and focus and – if i keep on going there will be no end.

Well, point of this is my realisation that I’ve always been surrounded by such high achievers, which isn’t all bad because we Asian’s are competitive aren’t we? I’ve never been very well sorted academically but I’ve worked hard and so has everyone that has gotten to where they are today. I mean where do I even start, I have friends who are 21 and are currently making a name for themselves in the music industry, H here who is in my point of view a well deserved high flyer (disregard how humble he is which is yet again another quality, so many qualities!!!!), Mohit who if you’ve read is moving to Australia and starting up his own sports bar, Praba (a long time friend) who is doing his ACCA and doing it really well, Adila who is incredible in her final year architecture degree, the list goes on and on.

So, when I get asked why do I spend so much hours working on drafts for a life out of the norm, something more, something entirely mine, something life changing, all I can say is –

“When you’re surrounded by the people I surround myself with, how can you not?”

They make you want to work harder, they make you realise in the best possible way that theres no shortcut to success no matter how exhausted you are in the process. And I’m thankful, I’m inspired.

As I’m typing, its 4.15am in London, my phone pings, hi H.