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Out with the savoury in with the sweetery (please applaud my attempt on trying to make my first sentence rhyme 😁)

I’ve spent a decent amount of time just strolling the streets, people watching, food eating, or you know, on better hair days attempt the book reading in the park mimicking movie scenes. There are a few places I can’t seem to just get enough of besides of course, Chai Wu (refer to my last post) and here’s hidden secret no 2! – South Kensington’s Creperie Cafe! The closest tube would be *drum rolls* South Kensington and its visible as you exit. Or if you rely on your phones for direction the way I do, The Kensington Creperie Ltd would do the trick! My favourite crepe from this cafe which I can never wait to wrap my mouth around and lose myself in will the Tropical Crepe – like the pretty picture right up there 👆🏻. I personally opt to switch the bananas with strawberries because 1- my body refuse to accept bananas without hurting me 2- strawberries are better anyway.

A normal crepe would go up to £8- £9 but I promise you the pretty picture does no justice for the heavenly taste. Right…. which only means —–I’m making my way to South Kensigton today, again. 😅