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Theres a reason why our favourites are in fact, our favourites and Chai Wu has been one of my favourite restaurants since I’ve moved to London, either for lunch in between summer strolls or over catching up sessions with my closest. I’m not particularly sure when were they established but word of mouth says it’s not even been a year since! Its rather tricky to even be able to locate Chai Wu but the best thing you could do is walk into Knightsbridge’s Harrods and ask the many staffs around for the esclataor that takes you to the fifth floor as not all of them will, and when you get to the designated floor Chai Wu should be on your left, it usually is on mine unless theres an entrance I’m not aware of. Chai Wu also has a super fun and energetic team so when the bills reaches your table you don’t get mini heart attack’s paying for the service yay. These are the few what I’m assuming is their signature dish because its so good! But you can also try the little portions of dim sums (6 pieces) with some caviar thingi that goes up to about £32 per basket. The whole duck that goes for £68-70 is also very very nice – i know i know at first instance you may think what (???) but fret not, its actually worth it’ll eventually be divided into two servings as in the chef will divide the duck into the typical one that goes into little pancake rolls with hoisin sauce and stuff and the other to either a duck fried rice or duck something with vegetables- I’m super forgetful zzz.

Crispy Duck Salad which is so good and they have this little pomegranate bits and pieces which goes super well with the whole dish, who would have thought! This little dish goes up to about £13 (???) i think.

  Since we had three on our table, we decided to opt for the whole duck because we thought, SUPER HUNGRY! I don’t know when will I ever get over the service here cause they are just so attentive to your needs. This is one of the chefs actually (do you carve or just cut crispy ducks?) carving/ cutting our whole duck, so we got to see the entire process first hand!   And the seafood bar- which I’ve not actually thoroughly tried so I wouldn’t know but looking at the orders being sent out, the sushi also looked super impressive, so maybe next trip! Must show my happy face!   Our happy duck party face!    And remember what I said about impeccable service? Chai Wu does not disappoint in both service and quality of food. Although the bill will give some of us mini heart attacks but every penny paid is worth it. This little note was a card the Chai Wu team wrote for me as a gift after we cleared the bill, how sweet (: (look out for Eelina and Aint, they’re the best!)

ENJOY CHAI WU BECAUSE I DEFINITELY DID! (Link for bookings , especially for lunch on saturdays cause apparently it gets super busy) YOU ARE WELCOME :P, my secret isn’t a secret anymore.