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Stumbled upon this as I was clearing my laptop so it doesn’t lag. I remember being in tears as I was writing this in the train leaving Aberystwyth for London (probably somewhere near Borth)

Here I am, in the train, and I don’t know where to begin but “I’ve ran out of good-bye’s.” I’ve just bid goodbye to D, the one I’ve learned to care about so very much during my time in Aberystwyth. (Hi Azryn Azhari Arshad if you stumble upon this post, see me in London okay we’ve not had our official goodbye’s)

It was four minutes to departure and my flatmates ran towards the railway station. I’ve got companions! The world has its ways of turning frowns upside down when you need it most, thankfully.

We’ve just passed Borth and I miss D already. It may be odd to those who have not visited Aberystwyth to even begin wondering how is it that I’ve left half of my heart here.

Aberystwyth is..it. It allows you to learn and discover yourself away from the world. Being almost out of reach, no one attempts to look out for you or guide you in the process. You make your mistakes, and you’ll play the blame game, like every other time only this time around, with yourself. You learn to take responsibility from your actions and you realise that you are a bigger person than you’ve ever put yourself out there to be.You think, of everything- from what you’ve done to what you truthfully want. You find yourself and you find peace.

Why Aberystwyth? Growing up in the heart of the city, I’ve had everything from shopping malls yes, malls, not one, not two, not three.. ah you get me- five minutes away, twenty four hours delivery, a city that almost never sleeps, a place where it all happens. Wait, have I mentioned our award winning traffic congestion? But of course, I love it, I know every corner of it and its home. But growing up where it all happens, you don’t always get a chance to get away and figure things out in your time at your own pace and I desperately needed to get away. Aberystwyth looked like it could do me good. It was being in a holiday, with textbooks. I had the ocean and one of the most breathtaking sunset one could witness in a lifetime at my doorstep.

I had the opportunity to discover myself in ways i never thought possible. And in the shortest amount of time I’ve grown into the person I know my mum would be proud of, thankfully.

When i first arrived, I was told something lies within Aberystwyth- it may be magic (something I choose to believe in for fairytale purposes) but you’ll leave an entirely different person or at least more certain of your future choices. You’ll leave in peace. And today, I’m leaving in peace. I’ve made decisions I swore I’d never make although they were staring in my face to be what’s best for me. I’ve made mistakes I’ve learned thoroughly from. I’ve made peace with the fact that its okay- it really is, okay.