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Its been a week since we, the Class of 2015, bid goodbye to our last exam as an undergraduate. I don’t know what has been running around your heads but I’m excited and I’m nervous and very terrified to be honest. They speak of freedom and adulthood but I’m speaking of the unknown and increase in international numbers in your our phonebook. Its been one insane journey, and this is to us.

Can you believe it? We’ve strived so hard, we managed the countless late nights followed by obscenely early mornings sitting through hours and hours of lectures. We managed and it has led us to the day, graduation. Some of us may be accepting our degrees on stage some may have it mailed to their home address but in all, WE MADE IT.

I am one night away from leaving the university hall for good and I thought to myself, where did the years go? The first day of every term, the days where it still felt odd to not be in uniforms when in class (thanks to 11 years of school). If theres one thing you hear  from those who have graduated way before you/ parents/ teachers would be live every day in your university life to the fullest, it flies by. I’m on board with that thought, it does. It flies by and we go on.

Celebrate it, jump for joy, cry because you’ve made it, pay your sleep debt, you deserve it. Guys, think about it- think about the person you were when you first left secondary school and walked in for the first time to your pre-university/ diploma class, and subsequently your first degree class. I’m looking back this very instant and I’ve come to a stand that university has shaped me into a stronger person, in fact stronger than I ever thought possible. University has allowed me to discover myself, my strengths and my weakness. University has gifted me knowledge and bonds that would last me a lifetime. Bonds – Friendships. They’ve definitely come and gone but I wish us all the very best and may we make a change this world deserves. We are it. We have to be it- the generation that changes the for the better, Generation Y, lets get on it.

This may be it for us as undergraduates but I hope we go on to do amazing things. We are the future, we are the leaders the world is waiting for and this is to us- the graduating Class of 2015. The world is ours to shape, ours to inspire.


We made it.