I was thinking about the fact that it’s practically the end of my degree, I’ll miss being a student, being almost carefree, the late nights in the library and yes, the common perception that we live on noodles at the end of each month is almost true.

D and I went for our final medical law class over two weeks ago and it took us an entire two hour session to realise, -this is it. THIS IS LITERALLY IT.

E: Ok, make an emo face.

D: Why?

E: Last day of class la, faster!!

It’s been such a journey from a-levels to first year to second year to this, who would have thought? Sat through my second paper in the morning – lets not go about how it was and how little time was given, and how lengthy the required answer was and how the easiest of the easiest topics which no one expected was tested AND HOW UNBELIEVABLY COLD IT WAS. Lets not go there…

OH! and look how the hall looked like, I don’t think I’ve seen any hall as intimidating as the ones in University Malaya but Aber? You be trippin your final years. 

Yes, the ever so famous D where she belongs- lifft anabi.  “Eh D, take picture, natural habitat” “Ok”


Anyway, exams aside- how do you as a student or a young professional manage the workload while balancing an appropriate amount of social life, outdoor activities, yadda yadda?

I’ve always wished there’d be more hours in a day, 36 sounds just about right. I have however for the longest time depended on an obscene amount of coffee to keep me going through the latest of night and earliest of mornings. Something happened today which in my own terms – FREAKED ME OUT.

Stayed up through the night before my exams and like every other night, no signs of being tired/ sleepy whatsoever. Thank heavens for caffeine. Took a nice long warm shower, got dressed relatively early for a 930am paper and was reading through my notes for the last time. I yawned and I thought, “No, you can’t be falling asleep at this hour.”

My head was telling myself to get it together, my hands were flipping my cheeks so I’d stay awake and i resorted to making a cup of instant coffee which was left abandoned on the shelves for as long as i can remember. IT DIDNT HELP AND I FREAKED OUT EVEN MORE. Relying on caffeine pills/ americano/ doppio espresso con panna con whatever, instant coffee doesn’t do the trick anymore so i started searching through my drawers for what may be the last few caffeine pills I have left and guess what? I HAD NONE!!! I started searching every corner of my room for one, at least one little energy booster that would get me through my exams.. no, zero, finished.

Panic was the only word I knew, and my idea of panicking is me turning my entire room upside down in the verge of crying. I was panicking and exhausted and everything one shouldn’t be the morning of an exam.

Guys, I searched through the net and realised that this may be a sign of caffeine addiction- my friends would smack my head this very moment probably shoving “YA THINK?!” in my face. So, I have decided to work through this entire situation of me depending on caffeine to get through my day and if you were even thinking – “I drink coffee too?” “Whats the deal?”, I’ll tell you what’s the deal in depth in my next post (probably after a write up on Vienna)