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As the title suggests, I was in Prague and Vienna over spring break, and Slovakia if you count sitting in a train through it. 😅

Mandatory airport toilet mirror selfie.

  Go with Ereena anywhere mesti ada benda jadi (translated: something always happens). I’d deny it but she had her point. We were sitting, calmly after breakfast (sempat lagi) in the airport. I the heroic cat woman that I am was a hundred percent sure the gate we were sitting right in front was the gate we should be boarding in a few minutes (worst case scenario, we’d have to walk to the gate further up, slightly further up). NOPE THAT WAS DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE.

The gate we were suppose to board was at the other end of the airport and like three little musketeers (Wing, Azryn and myself) we ran hoping we won’t end up missing our flights. Mind you I was in heels so you could hear click clack click clack click clack with every stomp i made towards the other end of the airport.

(OH AND THE PICTURE, IT WAS BEFORE WE FOUND OUT WE HAD TO RUN TO THE OTHER END TO CATCH OUR FLIGHT) – my passport has made one too many appearances in one day -.-  

Cue Goodbye London, I’m at the airport, shots.

Im assuming the board says welcome to Prague or see you soon Prague?

No this isn’t some historical building majigy, Prague was just mesmerising. Every building every little corner every walkway. AND LEATHER BAGS WERE SO CHEAP!!!!

That’s…..tougue and our Chef.

  Went for more walks in the Old Town Square in Prague.

Hooters- and as Azali Yusoh would say referring to the Hooters in Prague: Yes!!!! The best Hooters so far, even the US ones aren’t as err, tasty


“In Rome the statues, in Paris the paintings, and in Prague the buildings suggest that pleasure can be an education.”
― Caleb Crain, Necessary Errors

p/s : ya ya i know it looks like as if we had a super short almost nothing holiday but i’ll post more up as soon as i get hold of the pictures and transfer them to my laptop. More Prague and Vienna on my next or considering how forgetful i am, next next post.