Recently D and I attended a going away party for one of our very good friends here in Aberystwyth, Mohit.

Strangers meet Mohit, Mohit meet strangers

Yes, very handsome – and girls he smells really nice too 😏😉

Anyhow, Mohit will be moving to Australia (as you can see with the hanging flags) in about 2 months and and and that’s not the best part (he will be *ah I’m wiping tears of joy* establishing his own business)

Can’t say he doesn’t look the part now can we? 💞 This person right here has to be one of the most humble and hardworking person I’ve come across in Aberystywyth. Every success that comes his way is well deserved. (So cheesy haaaaaaaaa) you’ll be seeing more of him in a couple of days!!! Mohit’s 22nd birthday party, can’t wait.

Considering how self absorbed I am, this was how I looked that night.

How pretty is this little garden? 🍂🍂

Tiffany blue platform heels from New Look, UK.

Blue skater skirt from what used to be Cafe Society in Aberystwyth.

I don’t think this would even be apparent but I was wearing a black lace top from H&M – Prague which I absolutely love and it goes with just about anything!

Of course, D looked smashing!

& that is all 3 of us having a ball of a time!

Mohit is on Instagram and has impeccable fashion sense: MOHITJHANJI 💞