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If you know me well enough, you’d know what I wear on a daily basis is usually based on how I feel on that day – I quote my flat mate “There are two types of girls during winter, the one that keeps warm in jackets/ parka’s and Ereena.”

It was relatively windy today, cause obviously (wait is it as obvious anymore now that I’ve deleted all my old posts?) that i live by the sea. Well, it was windy enough to have your hair slapping your face. I felt.. orange and comfy. So I wore this new blouse I got which is super cute @ New Look UK

 I am super in love with my jeggings that I got from Uniqlo, London – I would attach the link but the last time I checked they werent available online 😩. You can head to their stores to check them out though! It’s worth it. I’ve had friends who bought Uniqlo Jeans and they’ve always complained about how it doesn’t fit as well anymore after a few washes, but this one is different!!! It still fits perfectly and I’ve tossed them in the machine and dryer for at least 7 times. The best part about it too is also the length! If you are around 5″1 – 5″2 it settle right at your ankle and if you are taller it automatically looks like a cropped jeggings which is super cute too! (Notice how I’m saying cute a lot today?) 🙈🐱