I have moments where my head is messier than my shoe rack- but but but wait, i have Doria heh heh heh. I’ve come to realise that she knows more about me than I do about myself (cue the need of a future p.a) 😂

Doria meet random strangers, random strangers meet Doria.

This is the conversation we had on Twitter only yesterday-

E: Q1- that day when i copied my passport which handbag did I use? Q2- do you know where they can print in town? #failingatlife

D: brown bag, no I don’t know where but u can email it to my Aber email and I’ll print it now in the library.

E: omg tak ada (translated: it’s not here)omg omg omg omg omggggggggg. But I want to have it hard copy asap. You balik what time? (Translated: what time are you coming back?)

D: I can take the next bus home. But I need to go to town also for some provisions.

E: you don’t have to, come back only when you want to #komplikasihidup (translated: complicated life)

The problem with this conversation is:

1- why don’t I know where my PASSPORT is and mind you mine is too pink for life  – how can hilang walao (translated: how can it go missing?!?!)

2- I’ve lived in Aber for almost a year / why don’t I know if there’s a printing shop in town?  😩

Conversation num 2 with my guardian angel:

E: Doria do you know where my retainers are?

D: see in your bag? U wore it that day when we went out remember?

I don’t even remember where I put my retainers how will I survive when she goes home. 😩😭😓😐