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When I sign up for marathons or go on long runs I often get questions around the lines of “Why do you run?” and I think to myself, “Why do I run?” A few days ago we were hit by the leftovers of Hurricane Gonzola and mind you I live by the sea. The water was rough and the wind was insane. Chairs, boards, even people were “blown away”. I went for a night run.

I run, for reasons I have yet to fully discover. Initially though, I ran because I was 9-10kg heavier and I didn’t like how I looked in dresses and jeans, in anything actually. Then I stopped running probably because I looked how I needed to look? Slender, petite, 23-24 inch waist and my collarbones were more significant than Brits and Tea. But like any other sport, I couldn’t run as well anymore when i stopped, or to be exact I couldn’t run a km without gasping for air. A couple of years ago I picked running up again, for good. How it happened? One evening I went running/walking with Adam and he being the long distance long legs runner that he is, was too much for life. I was left behind obviously and he turned around and ‘mocked’ me if you could say it as that. I was upset I couldn’t keep up and I vowed to never run with him again because he was mean mua ha ha. But what motivated me the most was the fact that I needed to be able to run again, the way I used to or even better, and I promised myself when that happens, he and I shall go at it again. The day hasn’t come, and I doubt it ever will but I’ve achieved so much from running again. I’ve ran a few full/half marathons, clocked a decent number for a  10k and i’m happy.

Running over the years has become a part of my life. I today run when i feel tired which is   oddly a runner’s logic. I run when I’m upset or when I can’t figure life out for the day. I run when I can’t run, I run when I can’t sleep. I run when I’m happy, I run when I need to see more, much much more. I just run and running gives me this unexplainable feeling. Running allows me to be anything I want to be, running allows me to set my own pace, to do what makes my heart flutter. Well now I just made running seem like falling in love which obviously isn’t. I’ve had my bad days, days where I couldn’t feel my legs, days where I just didn’t want to run even if it was to save my life. I’ve had days where I just stood and stare at my Brooks because i hated it so much. I get days where my classes ends at 6pm and by the time I get home its 7pm and I’m just mentally drained. On these days I convince myself no running will make me feel better, no amount of hair in the wind, no amount of beautifully crafted strides on the ground will make this day even slightly better. But what’s the most magical thing about running is the habit you’ll pick up after making it a lifestyle, that you do it anyway. You run like hell anyway. And of course, happy endings we all love them, I know I do, I always always always without fail, feel better.